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The Beard Growth Kit

Beard Growth Kit - 1 Month - Crafted Beards
Beard Growth Kit - 1 Month - Crafted Beards
Beard Growth Kit - 1 Month - Crafted Beards
Beard Growth Kit - 1 Month - Crafted Beards
Beard Growth Kit - 1 Month - Crafted Beards
Beard Growth Kit - 1 Month - Crafted Beards
Beard Growth Kit - Crafted Beards


Start Growing a Thicker, Fuller Beard Today!

Try it 100% Risk Free

If you aren't happy with your results after 3 months. We'll give you a full refund!

Real Results From 
Real Customers


The Beard Roller

Our Beard Growth Derma Roller or micro abrasion roller has hundreds of tiny micro needles that poke the skin when rolled over an area of your facial hair. These needles are so small that they don’t cause any bleeding or pain, but they do trick your body into thinking the area has been injured.

Your body then sends
extra blood flow to the area to help ‘heal’ any damage. Since there was no actual damage done the additional blood flow helps the skin in many ways, one of them being reviving dead, dormant or malnourished beard hair follicles.

Derma roller treatment can take a long time to see results, but it's well worth the time spent. Expect to start seeing results at the earliest around 90 days of treatment with the best results coming from using around 8-12 weeks.

You can use the Beard Roller daily, however this can cause irritation or some people. If you experience irritation, reduce the amount of times to 3-4 times a week. If you continue to see irritation, discontinue use. 

Fast Acting Beard Growth Serum
10% Minoxidil

Just using the Beard roller won't be enough.

Supercharge your
Beard Growth with our highly potent Minoxidil Serum. Minoxidil is a known ingredient that boosts hair and Beard Growth.

This Serum also contains essential vitamins your Beard Needs to grow, like
Vitamin E.

The Vitamins Your Beard Needs

The Beard Growth Derma Roller and Beard Growth Serum help with beard growth, but for the best results, your beard needs help from within.

The two major vitamins that help all your hair/beard growth is
Collagen and Biotin. If you don’t get enough of these vitamins in your daily diet you might be stalling your beard growth progress.

Taking the right
Beard Growth Vitamins will help get the additional essential nutrients needed to make sure your beard has everything it needs to grow in thicker, fuller and longer!

How Long Will It Take To See Results?

Look. We aren’t like every other beard growth company. We aren’t going to lie to your face and tell you that it’s easy to grow a beard in less than a month.

We believe in being honest and transparent, even if that means we lose a few bucks in the process. Growing your beard will take time and patience. You need to use high quality beard growth products for at least 90 days if you want to see the best results.

The longer you grow it, the better your beard will grow in. A great beard will leave you feeling more confident, more attractive, and honestly just a better overall version of yourself. That’s the power of an amazing beard.

Will This Kit Be Successful For Everyone?

Beard Growth potential is still dependent on biology. Men who struggle with growing a beard have 1 of 2 problems:

1: They lack beard hair follicles and this is causing them to have no growth, or patchy spots


2: They have beard hair follicles, but they just aren't growing. Unfortunately, men who don't have any beard hair follicles won't see success with our Beard Growth Kit.

Our products are designed to help men who have beard hair follicles, but they just aren't growing.

If You Don't See Growth, We'll Give You A FULL REFUND!

That's right, we know that our Beard Growth Kit won't be successful to 100% of all men who try it. That is why we offer a FULL REFUND to anyone who uses the kit for 90 days and doesn't see any results. Our Refund Policy is good for up to 6 MONTHS so you can truly try our Beard Growth Kit Risk Free!