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Claiming a free product is easy, you'll just need to complete a few simple steps (see below). We don't require you to purchase anything, and your free product comes with free shipping as well.

Step 1: Follow us on Instagram: @Craftedbeards (Instagram)

Step 2: Complete one of the follow options

(Option 1): Make a short video about our products or brand and post it on Instagram. Be sure to tag us as well.

This video should be short (less than 30 seconds long) and keep it simple. We just want to hear what you like about our products and/or brand. Your feedback and opinion matter to us!

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If you don't want to post on Instagram you can email us the video directly. Keep the video short (10-20 seconds so the file size will be smaller). If you have any issues sending us the video, please reach out to for help.

Step 3: After you have completed steps 1 & 2, fill out the form so we can send you your free product.

Filling out the following form helps us confirm your shipping address and which product you would like for free. Shipping is free and we'll send out your product once we've verified you have completed all the steps. *Limit 1 claim per person. Any abuse of this offer will disqualify you from receiving a free product.