How Do Beard Growth Kits Work?

Before We Start

Genetics and Biology

You might be wondering if growing a thick, full beard is possible. You've probably already heard that beard growth is 100% determined by your genes and nothing can be done. 

There is some truth to that. Genetics and biology do determine how many beard hair follicles you have and how spread out (or clumped together) they are. 

However, your genetics don't determine if they'll grow or not. 

You see, some men might have a thin or patchy beard because they have no existing beard hair follicles at all.

Yet others might have the beard hair follicles, but those follicles just aren't growing. 

Beard Growth Kits are designed to help stimulate Beard hair follicles, so for some men, these kits will help them fill in patchy spots and grow a thicker, fuller beard. 

Beard Growth Kits &
What Each Product Does

Beard Growth Kits usually contain a few different products. Each of these products help stimulate beard growth, for a thicker fuller beard. 

Here at Crafted Beards we offer three products in our standard Beard Growth Kit. These products are:

- The Titanium Derma Roller (or Beard Roller)
- The Beard Growth Serum
- The Beard Growth Vitamins

We'll be going over each product, what its job is, and how it helps with beard growth. 

Titanium Derma Roller 0.3mm

The Titanium Derma Roller or micro abrasion roller has hundreds of tiny micro needles, 540 to be exact.

These needles are so small that they don’t cause any bleeding or pain, but they do trick your body into thinking the area has been injured.

This process triggers additional blood flow to the area to help 'heal' any damage. The additional blood flow carries essential proteins, like collagen that help jump start beard hair follicle growth. 

Now, this process doesn't actually hurt or do any damage to the skin. It will become flush (because of the extra blood flow), but you shouldn't worry about that. 

This treatment process is used to treat more than just beard growth. Derma rolling is commonly used for acne scars, stretch marks, regular scars and even balding on the scalp. 

Derma rolling isn't an overnight fix. This treatment takes time to be effective. For Beard Growth, expect to start seeing good results around 90 days after starting treatment. 

You can use the Beard Roller daily, however this can cause irritation for some people. If you experience irritation, reduce the amount of times to 3-4 times a week. If you continue to see irritation, discontinue use. 

Also, using the derma roller can cause break outs, be sure to wash your face well before using the roller. After each use, sanitize with rubbing alcohol. 
*Using the sanitizer on the roller right before use can cause the skin to be irritated and/or feel a burning sensation. 

Beard Growth Serum

Using the Beard Roller on its own, probably won't be enough to maximize your beard growth. 

What's in the Serum? 

Here at Crafted Beards, our blend is a custom formulation we made in house, that is extremely potent for beard growth. The active ingredients are simple, but powerful. 

The Serum contains:
10% Minoxidil (by volume), and Vitamin E. 

The vast Majority of the 'other guys' use regular beard oil. They literally just change the label and call it a "growth oil". While beard oil has benefits for a full grown beard, it won't do anything to help stimulate beard growth. 

We wanted our Serum to actually work, and that's why we formulated this bad boy. 

Minoxidil is used as a heart medication, but it was discovered, that it could also be used to help stimulate hair (and beard hair) follicles. 

Minoxidil is one of the major active ingredients in hair treatments, like Rogaine. 

Doesn't Minoxidil make your hair fall out after you stop using it?

No, minoxidil that is water soluble (like in our serum) doesn't weaken the hair roots. 

Most hair treatments that use minoxidil, use non-water soluble minoxidil. This means they have to deliver it in a foam with ingredients like alcohol and propylene. 

Alcohol and propylene, when used on the skin for a long period of time, weaken hair roots causing shedding.  

Luckily for you, we don't have either of those ingredients in our serum. 

Using the Serum 2x a day, will help give your beard hair follicles the supercharged boost they need to start growing. 

The Beard Growth Serum is a topical treatment to be used after the roller. Even though you'll only be using the Roller 3-4 times a week, you'll want to use the Serum daily. 

Don't use if you are allergic to minoxidil, vitamin e, or cellulose. 

Beard Growth Vitamins

Your beard is just like any other part of your body. Our bodies need vitamins, nutrients and proteins to grow. 

If you bought a car, but it didn't have any gas, would you expect it to run? Of course not. 

That's why you need to ensure your body has enough of the right vitamins and nutrients for your beard. 

Just like your other hair, your beard hair needs biotin, collagen and other vitamins and proteins. If you aren't getting enough in your daily diet, you probably won't see much beard growth, even if you are using the roller and serum. 

Crafted's Beard Growth vitamins will help you make sure you have plenty of these nutrients to help you with your beard growth journey. 

Taking the Beard Growth vitamins is easy. Take 2 capsules a day before any meal. 

How Long Does This Take?

Stimulating dormant beard hair follicles isn't something you can rush. Patience and persistence is key in seeing long lasting results.

For most men, it usually takes around 90 days to start seeing results. This doesn't mean you only should use it for 90 days then quit. We recommend using it for at least 6-9 months to really ensure a thicker, fuller beard.

What If I Don't See Any Results?

If you don't see any results at all after 90-120 days, you probably don't have the genetics for a thick, full beard 
(This is assuming you're using it daily and correctly).

Like we mentioned at the start of this page, beard growth is still determined by genetics. 

So if I don't see results, can I still get a refund?

Yes! We know it takes time to even start seeing results, and we also know some men won't succeed because of genetics. That's why our FULL REFUND policy is good for up to 6 months. 

Claiming a refund is easy, just send us an email, give us your order number and we'll issue a full refund within 2-5 business days. 

Why does it take 2-5 business days?

We actually can't control this, we use Shopify as our platform, and they control the refund return time.