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Beard Growth Serum 2 Pack


Grow a Longer, Fuller, Thicker Beard with Crafted’s Beard Growth Oil

Growing a beard isn’t easy. But we’ll tell you this. It’s a lot easier when you use the right products. 

Unlike the other beard growth oils on the market, we aren’t cheap. If we were, our products would be cheap. If our products were cheap, your beard would end up being patchy or non existent. We don’t want that and neither should you. 

That’s why we designed the best oil for beard growth made with premium ingredients to maximize your beard growth results so you can enjoy a great looking beard at the end of your growth journey.

No matter how old you are (unless you haven’t hit puberty) or what ethnicity you are, our Growth Kit will help you grow your beard.


✔️ Fill in Patchy & Thin Spots

✔️ Speed up Beard Growth 

✔️ Increases Beard Density 

✔️ Made in the USA

✔️ Free Shipping from the USA

✔️ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Why Choose Crafted's Beard Growth Serum?

Specialty formulated Beard Growth Serum 

The vast majority of "Beard Growth Oils/Serums" are sold by lazy companies who have just taken their regular beard oil and re-labeled it with "Growth". While regular beard oil does have good vitamins to help your beard hair. They don't promote beard growth. Crafted's Beard Growth Serum was specially formulated and tested in house to help maximize beard growth. Our Serum is the perfect blend of oils and vitamins that target beard hair follicles to help stimulate growth.