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Beard Growth Vitamins 2 Pack


Grow a Longer, Fuller, Thicker Beard with Crafted’s Beard Growth Max

Growing a beard isn’t easy. But we’ll tell you this. It’s a lot easier when you use the right products. 

Unlike the other beard growth kits on the market, we aren’t cheap. If we were, our products would be cheap. If our products were cheap, your beard would end up being patchy or non existent. We don’t want that and neither should you. 

That’s why we the Best Beard Growth vitamins made with premium ingredients to maximize your beard growth results so you can enjoy a great looking beard at the end of your growth journey.

No matter how old you are (unless you haven’t hit puberty) or what ethnicity you are, our Growth Kit will help you grow your beard.


✔️ Fill in Patchy & Thin Spots

✔️ Speed up Beard Growth 

✔️ Increases Beard Density 

✔️ Made in the USA

✔️ Free Shipping from the USA

✔️ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


 How Does This Work?

The Beard Roller and Beard Growth oil are topical products that help with Beard Growth, but these might not be enough. The majority of Beard Growth comes from within. The two major vitamins that help all your hair/beard growth are Collagen and Biotin. If you don’t get enough of these vitamins in your daily diet you might be stalling your Beard Growth progress. Taking a Beard Growth Supplement will help get the additional collagen and biotin needed to make sure your beard has everything it needs to grow.