Beard Growth - How Do These Products Work?

The Genetics of Beard Growth

Growing a thick full beard is easy for some, yet hard for others. While Genetics do play a part in how thick and/or full your beard is, there are other factors at play that might be the cause for a lackluster beard. 

The number one factor for beard growth potential is all in your genes. Genetics determine how many beard hair follicles will be present on your face.

So why is there a market for beard growth products?

While some men have no problem at all growing a thick full beard, other men seem to struggle and might conclude they just don’t have the genetics for it. This might be true for some, however many men have the genetics for full beard growth but struggle due to the beard hair follicles simply not growing. Beard hair follicles might not be growing because they could be dormant, dead or malnourished. Beard Growth Products tend to treat these factors by trying to stimulate these beard hair follicles into growing. 

Beard Growth Products - What to Avoid

In today's online buying and selling market there are tons of products that are downright scams when it comes to beard growth. There are also many foreign sellers selling on online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart that take advantage of ignorant buyers.

Avoid Chinese Brands on Amazon

Spotting Chinese brands on Amazon can be tricky, one easy way to tell is the Brand or Seller name. Most Chinese sellers use odd or ‘American’ sounding brand names. Another way to tell is a simple google search of their brand name to see if they have a website set up with a USA based address.

Avoid Regular Beard Oil Labeled as “Beard Growth Oil”

Too many Beard Growth Kits try to ‘add value’ with a beard growth oil that is a regular beard oil relabeled for ‘beard growth’. Some of these sellers don’t even try to hide it. If you take a close look at their product pictures the bottle might just say “Beard Oil”.

Don’t get me wrong, beard oil is necessary for anyone taking care of their beard. It just isn’t necessary for someone who is looking to stimulate their beard growth.

Avoid other ‘added value products’

Many sellers add products like Brushes, combs, scissors, or balms to their “Beard Growth Kits” in an attempt to add value and increase their prices. While these products are great for taking care of your beard, if you are just starting out they aren’t necessary at all and are just a waste of money. 

Beard Growth Products - What To Look For

Titanium Derma Roller or a ‘Beard Roller’. These devices are widely used in the beauty industry because they help with repairing the skin, stretch marks, acne scars and much more. These devices can also help with beard growth.

Derma rollers or micro abrasion rollers have hundreds of tiny micro needles that poke the skin when rolled over an area on your body. These needles are so small that they don’t cause any bleeding or pain, but they do trick your body into thinking the area has been injured. Your body then sends extra blood flow to the area to help ‘heal’ any damage. Since there was no actual damage done the additional blood flow helps the skin in many ways one of them being reviving dead dormant or malnourished beard hair follicles. Derma roller treatment can take a long time to see results, but it's well worth the time spent. Expect to start seeing results at the earliest around 4 weeks of treatment. 

Specialty formulated ‘Beard Growth Serums/Oils

Different than a regular beard oil, a beard growth serum or oil will have much more vitamin E and castor oil to help stimulate beard growth. Most regular beard oils will have almost no vitamin E and maybe a little castor oil in them. So be sure to find a kit that has a specialty formulated beard growth serum. Vitamin E and Castor Oil help the beard hair follicles get additional nutrients to help encourage beard growth. It's best to use these serums right after you have used the Derma roller.

Beard Growth Supplements

The Derma roller and beard growth serum are topical products that help with beard growth, but these might not be enough. The majority of beard growth comes from within. The two major vitamins that help all your hair/beard growth is collagen and biotin. If you don’t get enough of these vitamins in your daily diet you might be stalling your beard growth progress. Taking a Beard Growth Supplement will help get the additional collagen and biotin needed to make sure your beard has everything it needs to grow.

What if I don’t see any growth?

Because genetics does play its part, some men can go through a full treatment of beard growth and not see any results. If you stick to a full treatment and still have no success, unfortunately you probably don’t have the genetics. This doesn’t mean Beard Growth Kits don’t work, it just means they only work for men with the genetic potential.

For example here at Crafted we offer a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee! So if you don't see any results we'll give you a full refund!

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