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Beard Growth Kit For Black Men

Do Beard Growth Kits Work For All Men Regardless of Ethnicity?

Yes! While different ethnicities do have a difference in hair type, thickness, coarseness and shape, the science of The Beard Growth Kit remains the same. 

The number one factor for beard growth potential and beard thickness is all in your genes. Genetics determine how many beard hair follicles will be present on your face. While some ethnicities can tend to have less potential for beard growth, that doesn’t altogether eliminate the possibility.

So why is there a market for beard growth kit for black men?

While some men have no problem at all growing a thick full beard, other men seem to struggle and might conclude they just don’t have the genetics for it. This might be true for some, however many men have the genetics for full beard growth but struggle due to the beard hair follicles simply not growing. Beard hair follicles might not be growing because they could be dormant, dead or malnourished. Our Beard Growth Kit for black men helps treat these factors by trying to stimulate these beard hair follicles into growing.

Regardless of your race, our Beard Growth Kit for black men will help revive dead dormant and/or malnourished beard hair follicles. 

How Does The Beard Growth Kit Work?

Titanium Derma Roller

Titanium Derma Roller. These devices are widely used in the beauty industry because they help with repairing the skin, stretch marks, acne scars and much more. These devices can also help with beard growth.

Derma rollers or micro abrasion rollers have hundreds of tiny micro needles that poke the skin when rolled over an area on your body. These needles are so small that they don’t cause any bleeding or pain, but they do trick your body into thinking the area has been injured. Your body then sends extra blood flow to the area to help ‘heal’ any damage. Since there was no actual damage done the additional blood flow helps the skin in many ways one of them being reviving dead dormant or malnourished beard hair follicles.

Derma roller treatment can take a long time to see results, but it's well worth the time spent. Expect to start seeing results at the earliest around 4 weeks of treatment. 

Recommended Use: Use 3-5 Times a week. You can use it daily if you like, however this may cause irritation. If you experience irritation reduce the amount of times used per week. 

Beard Growth Serum

Different than a regular beard oil, a our beard growth oil is the best suited to help with facial hair growth. Our Beard Growth Serum is perfect for all ethnicities when stimulating beard growth.

This beard growth product is a specialty formulated Beard Growth Serum with tons of Vitamin E and Castor Oil that help the beard hair follicles get additional nutrients to help encourage beard growth.

The vast majority of other 'beard growth oils' on the market are just regular beard oil relabeled as a 'growth oil'. Companies that do this are hoping you won't know the difference. While regular beard oil is great for beard care, it doesn't help with stimulating beard growth.

Recommended Use: Once a day (on days you use the Derma Roller, apply after Derma Roller use.)

Beard Growth Pills

The Derma roller and beard growth serum are topical products that help with beard growth, but these might not be enough.

The majority of beard growth comes from within. The two major vitamins that help all your hair/beard growth are
Collagen and Biotin. If you don’t get enough of these vitamins in your daily diet you might be stalling your beard growth progress.

Taking a Beard Growth Supplement will help you get the additional collagen and biotin needed to make sure your beard has everything it needs to grow.

Recommended Use: Take 2 Capsules Per Day 30 minutes before a meal

What If I Don’t See Any Growth?

If You Don't See Results in 4-8 Weeks, Get A Full Refund!

We know that our Beard Growth Kit for black men won't work for 100% of men (due to genetics). If you aren't happy, we aren't. Our #1 Priority is customer satisfaction. That is why we will issue a full refund to anyone is isn't 100% satisfied with their results after 4-8 weeks of use. 

Try Our Beard Growth Kit Risk Free - 90 day guarantee 

That's right! We offer a 90 day guarantee on our Beard Growth Kit for black men. This gives you ample time to see if it works for you.

With our 100%
satisfaction guarantee, you can try our kit knowing if you aren't happy with the results you will still have time to get a full refund.